Forestry 4.0 and use cases of automation


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October 06, 2021 | 3 min read

As Industry 4.0 continues to push forward the digital revolution, we cannot forget forestry and how to take advantage of the principals that have been set. Like in most traditional industries, manual work or huge piles of paperwork still exists, this is why Thorgate has taken upon themselves a mission, to take forestry to the next level - Forestry 4.0.

When digitizing and bringing projects to the “now”, we can’t just haphazardly throw together a piece of software that would do something, we need to closely work together with the people in the industry to make sure that solutions are made for the people that are using them, to make their work as efficient and effective as possible.

Traditional industries have been using manual paperwork for quite some time, so the software solutions need to digitize and automate, while keeping the user experience as simple as possible.

But the revolution doesn’t stop there, with each company having their own solutions - there needs to be synergy. Through synergy, we can lift the whole industry to a whole new level, where information moves quickly, in real-time, and fully automated.

This is why it’s important to us that we create solutions, which cover each tiny piece of the forestry lifecycle.

Managing the day-to-day: A digitized solution that handles waybills, acts, invoices, documents and warehouse states. Each piece is an integral part of the day-to-day work in forestry and logistics and we have it covered. This is why we created a solution for Metsahake, to comfortably and efficiently manage the production and sale of wood chips from their own cutting sites as well as from other customers.

Managing the logistics: Manage employees, truck routes, timber quantities, storage, harvesters and forwarders etc. Key information which in the past has taken incredible amounts of time to do manually through paperwork, but not anymore as that is indeed a thing of the past. Thorgate has created two key solutions, Metsaladu and Vaheladu. Both products help managers keep an eye on wood in real-time while it moves from forest to sawmills or ships. We have covered the projects in detail in our case study

Managing buying and selling: Looking to buy and sell timber in large quantities, where would one even start and consider the amount of time you have to put into manually creating invoices and sawmill acts? But can you imagine having it digitized and everything available to be done with just a few mouse clicks? Buying and selling timber has never been easier. We crafted one of the most advanced document management systems that helps forest unions automate sawmill measurement data being converted to acts and invoiced. Read more details on EPMK here

Keeping the forests clean and safe: You can’t just cut timber everywhere, which is why regulations go hand-and-hand with the industry. With just a few seconds, you can check if the timber is in a protected area or not. That’s why an easy-to-use solution was created, for anyone to check woodland key habitats wherever they are, so they can always be sure that they cut timber safely. 

Integrations with others: Synergy is important to us, and integrations with other systems are  equally important, which is why integrating ELVIS (Estonian e-waybill information system) to our projects, where needed, gives the user even more control and confidence in the solutions, while reducing the work that needs to be done. We have helped EPMK, ÜMO, and Vaheladu with ELVIS/EVR integrations. We’ve covered the changes in the system and how we have helped companies adapt to it here

As Industry 4.0 moves forward, so should the forestry industry and this is why we have built solutions for all of the above. Automation and digitization is constantly growing bigger and potentially leaving behind a whole industry is not something that any of us can afford. These solutions help any forestry business to conduct their work efficiently and properly, so that they can focus on the actual work and not tedious paperwork.

Want to be part of the future of forestry or have general questions about how to better increase work efficiency and reduce tedious paperwork, contact me directly at

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