Johan Viirok

Journey with Thorgate's Tech Lead, Johan Viirok


Written by Kreete

March 05, 2024 | 4 min read

In a recent interview, we sat down with a key member of the Thorgate team, Johan Viirok—a tech lead with a diverse background and a passion for making a difference in healthcare through software development.

A Passionate Leader and a Devoted Father

"Technology and family are my driving forces," shares Johan Viirok, a seasoned professional with a profound enthusiasm for technology and a devoted father to two energetic boys. "I started my career deeply fascinated by physics, exploring the mysteries of the universe and how everything works," he says. Despite having a PhD in Applied Physics, fate steered him toward the tech landscape, where he now leads a team dedicated to creating software with a profound impact on healthcare.

Beyond the lines of code, Johan's eyes lit up when discussing his 20-year love affair with photography. "It's taken me through many adventures, capturing everything from the quiet beauty of nature to the personal moments in people's lives," he shared. "Leading a photography club in college was a highlight for me, where I shared this passion with others and improved my skills."

But life took a turn after the birth of his first child. "I dove into videography, focusing on wedding videos," Johan continued. "This new challenge lets me tell stories through video, capturing special memories for others, which has been incredibly rewarding."

A Thriving Journey within Thorgate

Johan's journey to Thorgate began through his deep-seated interest in coding, particularly Python. "The Python CodeClub hosted by Thorgate was where I found my place," he says. It became his way of learning and growth. When the time for a career shift arrived, Thorgate was the natural choice for Johan because of the great experiences and the people he had met at the CodeClub.

Johan's expedition within Thorgate has been nothing short of a dynamic adventure. "I started as a junior developer, absorbing knowledge like a sponge," he recounts. He quickly climbed the ladder, thanks to a supportive environment that helped him grow. After a year, Johan became the tech lead for the A-Team, which marked a pivotal moment, allowing him to guide others, tackle exciting challenges, and contribute to meaningful projects.


The climax of his journey came with Johan's elevation to a partner at Thorgate. "It was a moment of validation and trust," he shares, underscoring the recognition of his substantial growth and value within the company, “Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, and I love being part of a team that's making a difference.”

A Positive and Dynamic Work Environment

When asked about Thorgate's culture, Johan highlights the monthly Grill&Chill events as his favourite. "These gatherings are not just about good food; they're about fostering a sense of friendship," he emphasises. These moments rise above typical company events, promoting laughter, conversation, and a genuine connection among the team.

Johan paints a vivid picture of Thorgate's culture—a harmonious blend of collaboration, respect, and a steady commitment to continuous improvement. "We share ideas openly, support each other's growth, and value everyone's input," he explains, “It's a positive and dynamic work environment where individuals are empowered to thrive both professionally and personally.”

Johan draws motivation from a trifecta of sources—his love for learning, the satisfaction derived from problem-solving, and witnessing the positive impact of his work. "Every day brings new challenges, and that keeps me going," he says. The ever-evolving tech industry provides an ever-changing backdrop, offering endless opportunities for professional growth and innovation.

His guiding principles—stay curious, be kind, and always seek new ways to solve problems—resonate not only within his professional pursuits but also in the cultural fabric of Thorgate.

Memorable Project: ODI Medical

One project that stands out in Johan's Thorgate journey is the ODI Medical project. "It's undeniably the most memorable for me," he says. The project is exceptional, boasting innovative features such as video annotation and microscope image analysis. Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in machine learning and computer vision, this project embodies the challenging and exciting nature of tasks within Thorgate.

As we conclude this exploration into Johan Viirok's journey at Thorgate, his story demonstrates the company's commitment to fostering individual growth, collaborative innovation, and a positive work culture. "If you're thinking about joining our team, my biggest advice is to stay open to learning and be ready to work together with others. Your unique background and ideas are valuable, so don't hesitate to share them,” he says. “Embracing new challenges and collaborating with your colleagues are key to success here. Remember, it's not just about your technical skills; being a good team player matters a lot," encourages Johan.

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