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PyCon Estonia: More Than Just a Tech Conference


Written by Amna

August 08, 2023 | 4 min read

Having attended the PyCon Estonia conference for the past three years, I eagerly anticipate the upcoming 2023 event. As one of the largest Python conferences in Northern Europe, PyCon Estonia has proven year after year that it is more than just a series of technical talks—it's an opportunity for personal growth, making new connections, and developing a deeper understanding of the power of Python.

Discovering the PyCon Experience

I first attended PyCon Estonia in 2019, venturing into my initial tech conference as a non-technical individual. It was nothing like the academic and business conferences I had attended before. This was a vibrant gathering of over 200 developers, CTOs, innovators, and investors from around the world, each here to discuss 'the future of Python.'

The diversity of participants and the representation from the cybersecurity command of the Estonian Defence Forces were particularly striking. While I did not have a technical background, I was fascinated by the discussions, particularly about why Python has been so successful.

Python, it seems, owes its success to its concise and readable code, modular extensibility, new types and functions, protocol overloading, and interoperability. Keynote speaker Travis Oliphant conveyed these points brilliantly in his presentation, 'The Past, Present, and Future of Extending Python.'

But what truly stood out to me was the vibrant Python community. It was a diverse, passionate, and consistent group of people who have made Python what it is today, from product/marketing professionals to creators and scientists.

Engaging with Python Virtually

2020 saw PyCon Estonia adapt to a virtual format due to global circumstances. Even without the physical gathering, the spirit of PyCon remained unbroken. The theme that year was 'The Power of Python,' and we explored real-world applications of Python from web development to machine learning and data science. My favorite talk from this year was “Object Oriented Programming from scratch (four times)” by Raymond Hettinger. This conference was special also because being online provided us an opportunity to truly have attendees from absolutely everywhere in the world. We had representation from all continents, and this diversity in turn meant there were a lot of inspirational Pythonistas to connect with.

Returning to the Roots

In 2022, PyCon Estonia returned to an in-person format, with 200 participants convening at Tallinn University. The diversity of topics was astounding, ranging from programming Minecraft with Python to fraud detection. No matter the professional background, there was something for everyone. With being a fully live conference, we were able to network with companies that passionately harness the power of Python. My favorite talk from this year was “Writing Maintainable Software At Scale” by Andrew Godwin.

Networking, Connecting and the Party

One thing I have particularly enjoyed in all PyCon conferences I have been to is the huge focus on creating valuable connections. We’ve had companies like Microsoft, KPMG, Oracle, Veriff, Nordigen, Paxful, Namespace, the British Embassy, Waybiller and of course Thorgate sponsor the conference, and set up booths with great activities, demos and opportunities to connect. I can recall that after PyCon Estonia 2019, I received an invitation to a very cool event at the British ambassador's residence in Tallinn because of the connection we made at the conference - in turn helping create even more valuable connections.

PyCon networking events are also more laid-back and fun, like the after party where people get to chat and simply wind down over drinks and snacks.

Looking Ahead to PyCon Estonia 2023

As we gear up for PyCon Estonia 2023, I am filled with anticipation. The memories from the past conferences, the insightful discussions, and the valuable connections made serve as a great incentive for me to look forward to the upcoming conference.

This year, we're excited to host keynote speakers David Mertz and Sebastiaan Zeeff, who, along with other renowned speakers from around the world, will undoubtedly bring a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives to the Python community.

Thanks to our generous sponsors and partners, including Thorgate, Eurora, Corner Case Technologies, Waybiller, the Python Software Foundation, and Tehnopol, we're set for two days of informative talks, engaging activities, and hands-on coding workshops.

If you're a Python enthusiast, a developer, an entrepreneur, or even a non-technical individual who's just fascinated by the world of tech, I invite you to join us at PyCon Estonia 2023. You'll gain not just knowledge but also a community that's passionate about Python and its incredible potential.

I'll see you at PyCon Estonia 2023. Until then, happy coding!

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