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Streamlining the Developer Hiring Process (Part III)


Written by Anton

July 04, 2023 | 4 min read

Final Selection

Welcome to the final part of our developer hiring process series at Thorgate! Throughout this series, we have explored the various stages of our comprehensive hiring process. From identifying hiring needs to sourcing and screening candidates, conducting technical interviews, and making the final selection, Thorgate follows a meticulous approach to ensure we bring talented developers who align with our company values and have the necessary technical skills. Join us as we wrap up our exploration of the developer hiring process at Thorgate.

Conducting Technical Interviews

At Thorgate, we believe in the motto of "3C" - communication, communication, communication. We value technical proficiency and the ability to collaborate effectively and think critically about project architecture.

Our engineering managers dig deep into a candidate's test assignment, asking for their feedback and the challenges faced. But we don't stop there. We ask candidates how they would redesign the assignment or tackle performance issues in a monolithic project. We want to see that spark of innovation and glimpse how candidates approach real-world scenarios.

Beyond technical competence, we focus on assessing the cultural fit and the ability to collaborate effectively within a team. Candidates can engage in discussions with our culture team and senior developers, providing insights into their thought processes, decision-making abilities, and overall communication skills. This stage allows us to gauge candidates' alignment with Thorgate's values and their potential contributions to our dynamic work environment.

Furthermore, we encourage candidates to ask questions about Thorgate and our company culture. We are delighted to address any inquiries candidates may have, as we believe that the more questions a candidate asks, the stronger the indication of their interest in us. We value curiosity and engagement and are committed to providing comprehensive information to help candidates make informed decisions about joining our team.

At Thorgate, we value the input and expertise of our development team when making hiring decisions. The collaborative approach of the technical interview ensures a comprehensive evaluation process, leveraging the perspectives of both technical and cultural fit assessments. By combining the perspectives of multiple team members, we strive to make informed decisions that align with the goals, values, and dynamics of Thorgate.

Making the Final Selection

At Thorgate, making the final selection is a collaborative and thorough process. We carefully review feedback from each stage of the hiring process, including resume screening, test assignment assessment, and technical interviews. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to assess candidates' performance and suitability across multiple dimensions, ensuring a fair and informed decision-making process.

Our hiring team, senior developers, and other stakeholders work together to review and discuss the feedback collected. We leverage the diverse perspectives and expertise within the team to make well-informed decisions that align with Thorgate's goals, values, and team dynamics. We understand that technical competence is important, but we also prioritize cultural fit and the ability to thrive within our team environment.

In addition to our comprehensive evaluation process, we believe in ensuring that the candidate is the right fit for Thorgate as a company and the specific team they will be joining. To achieve this, we conduct a team interview where the candidate can meet their potential future coworkers. This interview serves as a valuable platform for the candidate to address any remaining questions and concerns and for us to gauge how well they align with the selected team.

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By including the team interview in our hiring process, we aim to create a seamless onboarding experience for the candidate. It allows them to establish connections with their future colleagues, better understand the team dynamics, and ensure that they feel comfortable and supported from day one. Building a cohesive and collaborative team environment is crucial for long-term success, and the team interview is an essential step in achieving that goal.

The last stage of hiring at Thorgate is the CEO interview. This interview usually happens after an offer has been made and accepted. The purpose of this interview is partially for the CEO or group management to screen the candidate but mostly to make them feel at ease with the flat, non-hierarchical structure at Thorgate. The interview with the CEO usually lets the candidate lay out their ambitions, personal development plans and core values while also getting to know the same about Thorgate.


The developer hiring process at Thorgate is a comprehensive and meticulous endeavour that enables us to identify and bring on board skilled and culturally aligned professionals. By focusing on identifying hiring needs, effectively sourcing and screening candidates, conducting technical interviews, and making informed hiring decisions, we ensure that our team is composed of individuals who possess the necessary technical skills and thrive in our collaborative and innovative work environment.

We are grateful for your journey with us through this series of blog posts, exploring the various sides of our hiring process. We hope you have gained valuable insights into our approach and the overview of each stage. Thorgate is dedicated to building a talented and diverse team that drives our company's success by maintaining a commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and a people-centred approach.

Thank you for joining us in exploring the Thorgate developer hiring process. We look forward to connecting with exceptional candidates who share our passion for innovation and collaboration.

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