Thorgate People: Key Account Manager, Andreas, says success is all about showing up

Written by Andreas

October 18, 2022 | 3 min read

This year, Thorgate welcomed new Key Account Manager Andreas on board. Since May 2022, Andreas has been running a team specialised in developing software for Industry 4.0, logistics and forestry.

But Andreas hasn’t been in the IT industry for too long. Before Thorgate, he filled the position of Global Account Manager at Enics - a company that serves the electronics value chain through best performance and innovative solutions focusing on industrial electronics. “I started working in the electronic manufacturing industry at university, where I continued to grow my knowledge and know-how for about five years.”

Andreas joined Thorgate while vacationing and working remotely in Sri Lanka. His journey at Thorgate is just beginning but he elaborates “I have learned quite a lot about IT and development, how the work is organised and how agile development works in reality compared to previous experience with waterfall methodology.”

Andreas thinks Thorgate has supported his active lifestyle due to the diverse company culture.

When Andreas is not educating himself in SCRUM and discussing product development strategy at Thorgate, he spend his time in the gym or travelling. His preferred way to unwind from a long day at the office is to keep himself active.

Being active is also his way of keeping himself motivated. “Usually, it is a “must have” thing for people who are getting rather busy to find ways to keep their motivation. The main idea is usually behind showing up - even though you might not feel the strongest every day, you will be grateful for the workout after it is done.”

“Driving the jetski at the Summer Days was quite a fun and whole adrenaline experience,” reminds Andreas. He also pointed out Summer Days as one of the most memorable moments with Thorgate: “It was good to see colleagues and team members outside the working environment, relaxing and enjoying all the planned fun activities. Overall, the journey in Thorgate has been quite a nice one”. Thorgate organises activities like ice-hockey, karting and winter sports regularly.

Andreas also pointed out that diversity is one of the critical elements in Thorgate culture. “In Thorgate, the openness of people from different cultures and countries is visible.” His urge to learn more about other cultures and countries comes from travelling: “Travelling to new places is also putting a smile on my face - I have managed to see one new country in a year for three years in a row for now - I will keep the pace going!”.
In more detail about the people in Thorgate Group, Andreas describes the team as “open-minded people who will quickly answer every question or provide some tips and tricks”. He also pointed out how people are mindful of others' success.
“In Thorgate, well-being is essential,” he says, “if someone is feeling down or has some other challenges, their well-being is addressed promptly.”. It creates an exemplary life cycle in the group: treat others as you would like to be treated, which is also a motto that Andreas lives by.

Finally, Andreas is all about transparency: “Being open and transparent usually goes two ways: be open and transparent, and you would receive the same back.”. It has undoubtedly helped him on his journey at Thorgate and will be helpful to anyone wishing to jump aboard. 

If you would like to join Andreas to help change the world with technology at Thorgate, write to him about open positions in his team at