Thorgate Digital Explores HealthTech Innovations in Norway: EHiN 2023


Written by Evelin

November 15, 2023 | 3 min read

Last week, Thorgate Digital's representatives, Key Account Manager Evelin Mutli and Chief Business Development Officer Karl Õkva explored new opportunities for growth in Norway. The primary agenda included visiting the prestigious EHiN 2023 healthtech conference and a collaborative knowledge-sharing session at Aleap's office with Nordic Brain Tech. In this blog post, we dive into the highlights of their visit, the exciting innovations they encountered, and the collaborative strides made in the Norwegian healthtech ecosystem.

EHiN 2023: Unveiling Opportunities and Challenges:

EHiN 2023, an annual event in the healthtech calendar, provided Thorgate Digital with a unique platform to get to know various revolutionary companies and their expertise. Notably, the main trend at the conference was machine learning for analysing data, encompassing information from pictures and raw data processing, adding an extra layer of significance to the event. Despite anticipating a grander celebration in its anniversary year, the conference offered valuable insights into the Norwegian healthtech landscape. For those considering a visit, do keep in mind that it is a Norwegian E-Health conference, and most of the guides and the program itself are in Norwegian due to domain-specific know-how that one needs to present and debate on those topics. Regardless, face-to-face meetings can easily be held in English as 90% of the population speaks it.

Captivating Innovative Companies:

Thorgate Digital's representatives talked with many innovative companies showcased at EHiN 2023. Below are five startups we would like to highlight:

AsthmaTuner: This revolutionary application and device combination provides people with a comprehensive solution for asthma. By centralising all relevant information in one accessible platform, Asthma Tuner recommends the most suitable drugs based on the nature of the attack. The device seamlessly connects to hospitals, enabling clinics to formulate precise treatment plans. A potential game-changer in asthma treatment.

Vital Things: Focused on hospitals, Vital Things introduces a bedside charm equipped with certified medical monitoring capabilities. The device features a large monitor displaying vital signs, potentially transforming patient monitoring in healthcare settings. Thorgate Digital sees immense potential in this innovation, heralding a paradigm shift in how patients are monitored within medical facilities.

Sunstone Care: A company focused on technology solutions that catalyse early treatment for children with autism by helping with early identification through screening, helping therapists with data management and supporting parents by providing insight into their child’s development.

Aible: A team focused on creating personalisable Exergaming solutions using Machine learning. The concept itself is based on their own Ph.D. Exergaming is a technology-driven exercise and gaming solution that requires the user to be physically active to advance in the game.

DigiRehab: This Danish company captured our attention with a revolutionary approach to elderly rehabilitation. DigiRehab's platform enables seniors to conduct prescribed exercises at home through instructional videos and a comprehensive agenda recommended by their doctors. The platform's seamless integration allows healthcare professionals to review patient progress remotely. We were impressed by this solution's potential to enhance seniors' well-being and contribute to the evolving landscape of digital healthcare.

Aleap's Knowledge Sharing - Collaborating with Nordic Brain Tech:

Thorgate Digital's collaboration with Nordic Brain Tech took centre stage during a knowledge-sharing session at Aleap's office. The current partnership has involved the development of a headache diary called Braintwin and a revolutionary migraine treatment device, CEREBRI. This innovative approach utilises biofeedback in headache treatment and is currently in the development phase.

During the knowledge-sharing session, discussions ranged from cost considerations and funding strategies to the intricacies of the creation of the migraine diary. Thorgate Digital appreciated the engaged audience, including fellow startups...

Thorgate Digital's visit to Norway was marked by exploration, collaboration, and the discovery of novel healthtech innovations. The journey underscored the importance of seamless collaboration in the rapidly evolving healthtech landscape. As Thorgate Digital continues to forge partnerships and contribute to transformative projects, we look forward to the advancements in the Norwegian healthtech ecosystem s in the years to come.

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